10 Best Practice Tips For Animated Gifs In Emails

A higher dithering percentage leads to smoother gradients, even with a limited color map. For example, a gray level with only 8 color stripes turns into a smooth gradient with 100% dithering enabled. A higher dithering combined with a color chart at the bottom for videos could be the sweet spot for a GIF that looks good but loads quickly. What does the “Transparency” checkbox in Photoshop actually do?

Twitter offers you practically ready-made GIFs, so you can find the GIF you prefer. Alternatively, upload yours that you have previously saved with GIPHY. To include the GIF in your social media posts, just paste the Giphy link or download and attach the Giphy file. Think of GIFs as a middle ground between images and videos. The main advantage of using GIFs is that you can immediately tell a story or highlight a point. In addition, they are small files for uploading, which makes them perfect for mobile devices.

Optimize your file size by limiting the layers to all 2 frames. With this option, all other frames are used to create layers, which reduces the file size. If it’s not enough to bring the layers to every other frame, Evan pointed out that Photoshop only takes one of 4 frames, is still a good place to start. In the same way that processing more colors in a fade transition increases the size of the GIF file, complex colors in photos are also enlarged.

GIPHY. This is the most famous and easiest to navigate GIF database you could ever wish for. It allows you to quickly find the perfect GIF for any emotion or mood. You can download your free GIFs and upload your own, but the best thing about GIPHY is that you can create your own from photos and videos. Once you’re done creating GIFs, it’s time to share them with the world. If you share it as a post on social networks, plan it in advance with SocialPilot. With Gifs.com , all you have to do is paste the URL of the video you want to convert to a GIF, and you’re done.

You can follow the same steps to upload a self-made GIF. Just add a link to the GIF URL instead of the YouTube video link at the beginning. You can also follow these steps to create a GIF from your own video.

It’s pretty easy to learn quickly, but it includes some pretty useful animation tools. Note that these images are loaded as “layers”.”These layers become the frames you use to create the animation. “I don’t really use the frame animation system in Photoshop because the video layers are much more intuitive,” Etheridge says. “When Mother’s Day I animate graphics, I animate them in After Effects and import them as a rendered video file into Photoshop before converting them.” You also have the opportunity to create a GIF from a video, add text, play with different fonts and apply various effects. GIFs cover the middle ground between still images and full-action videos.