20 Best Scotch Glasses In 2022

It also comes in a fancy burgundy soft-touch box with a silver foil hot stamp. Reasonably new to the whiskey world, the Norlan-style glass is as futuristic-looking as it is functional. In the simplest terms, the sleek design is like a combination of two different whiskey glasses in one. The outer wall makes it so you can hold this glass all night and your hand won’t warm the whiskey at all. The Norlan glass was designed to not only look great but aerate your whiskey, opening up deeper aromas and flavors than many other glasses on the market. This whiskey glass was specifically designed for Canadian whisky, but of course it works great for any kind of malt whisky, blend or bourbon.

It’s the long, easy to grab neck along with the lip outturning enough but not too much, which make a whisky glass most enjoyable in my book. It will capture the aromas very well, So far, from my own experience, it has captured the aromas the best way possible. The glass suits nicely to your hand, although I do prefer glass with a neck a bit more. Similar to shot glasses, cordial glasses (aka tulip-shaped glasses) are used to serve strong spirits without ice, but they have a more formal appearance than a shot glass. Typically stemmed, cordial glasses are easy for mingling guests to hold and sip.

The tapering mouth allows an ease of drinking and a focused nose. Most whiskey glasses feature thicker and heavier bases that prevent your hand from warming the whiskey. The weight also gives the glass a lower center of gravity for a better feel when lifted and to keep the glass rooted to the table when set down.

The most commonly used glasses for whiskey and scotch alike is the tumbler. Glencairn is mainly used for tasting, neat is for smelling and snifters are for both. Enjoy a toast with style with Venero’s lead-free crystal glasses and polished finish. Crafted from the finest quality crystal, these large 295ml glasses are the perfect size for a double shot of whisky plus some mixer and ice cubes. Our tester called the weight of the glass “substantial but not excessive” and also enjoyed the tapered rim, which makes sipping easy. While these glasses aren’t big enough for cocktails and ice, their classic design is perfect for anyone who enjoys their whiskey neat.

It’s a glass often seen in upscale restaurants and bars but also works well for those learning exactly how to swirl. Unlike others, it’s a glass that’s used primarily just for drinking whisky. Its wide and robust base makes it ideal for ‘muddling’ cocktail ingredients, while its plain design lets simple drinks speak for themselves. A timeless glass, and a must have for any whisky fan open to the entire spectrum of the spirit’s enjoyment. Hope you enjoyed my take on best whisky glasses, or whiskey glasses with an e. When it comes to swirling, the feel of the glass in the hand and the size of the bowl make all the difference.

You’ve probably just not tried it in the right shaped glass yet. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when the complex aromas are concentrated by your nose, and the harsh ethanol is stifled by the glass. Mass-produced whiskey glasses especially made to enhance the drinking experience work well enough, but nothing compares to a hand-made product. These glasses are suitable for traditional mixed whiskey drinks such as the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.

The shorter glasses are also known as lowball glasses, so it’s taller, lankier cousin is known as the highball. I wouldn’t put this in the category of a traditional whiskey glass whisky decanter crystal mostly because it is mostly used for cocktails and scotch and soda. It leaves room for a lot of ice as well as a mixer, which is not needed to prepare a proper Old Fashioned.

Nosing glass is glassware designed to capture the aromas of the drink the best way possible. A typical nosing glass is wide from the bottom, narrow at the top. Sometimes the neck of the nosing glass opens up a bit, so that the aromas come out of the glass in a rich way. Glencairn nosing glass is probably the most known, when it comes to whisky.