30 How To Grow Your Audience And Business As A Podcast Guest With Julie Fry

In fact, I was just looking at the numbers, Ashley, I’ve now produced over 1500 episodes. I’ve been a guest on over 300 different podcasts. And I can tell any business owner who listens or someone responsible for growth, it’s definitely a life-changing platform.

Claire Bahn is a personal brand strategist and the CEO and co-founder of Claire Bahn Group. He has been helping entrepreneurs, investors, founders and high-performing executives create their personal best for over 10 years. As an entrepreneur and influencer with more than 70,000 followers on social media, she has learned how important it is to create and maintain your personal brand. She helps entrepreneurs use their personal brand to develop the authority, influence, and trust they need to exceed their business goals.

And then the good deal here is a webinar to watch. But give me your name and email address so we can connect and I’ll send it to you. Because it gives them that deeper connection. Or even if it’s a Buy Now-like situation. For my 15 minute workout, buy my course whatever the great offer to buy is now.

By sharing content that’s about your personal brand, you’re proving that you’re an industry expert who deserves to be someone’s next podcast guest. Before you start introducing yourself to other professionals and podcast hosts, you’ll want to work to make sure your personal brand represents the truest version of yourself and your company mission. Today, podcast guesting is considered one of the best marketing channels available to entrepreneurs. For starters, a 20- to 40-minute interview can already give you access to a significant number of highly focused listeners.

This is more than a networking opportunity, it’s a way to create engaging, action-driven content that stands the test of time. Today, I’m talking to Julie Fry, founder of Podcast booking agency Your Expert Guest, an advertising, strategy and podcast booking agency. We’ve covered a lot in this episode, as this strategy is great for your overall marketing game.

It can be considered a cat of all professions, but that will only confuse listeners and podcast hosts. There are over 850,000 active podcasts. That’s a total of more than 48 million episodes.