5 Tips For Reading 100 Books Per Year

There are many other activities we can do for fun. Examples include watching television, surfing the internet and playing video games. Due to their audiovisual character, these entertainment sources can make reading a book boring or not exciting by comparison. Therefore, if you want to cultivate the habit of every day, start reducing these specific hobby activities. Also use the time you normally use in these activities to read. Gardner says the more specific you can be, the more likely you are to succeed.

Much of this is of course a fast reader, but I think it also comes down to what you read. I mainly read middle-aged YA and I love graphic novels, which are pretty fast. I also count books that were DNF or skim, and it seems I do it more often than most people. I imagine if I took the time to get in I would still be reading and still like to follow it. Looks like I had 81 DNFs / skimmed this year, which seems high, but I think the key to reading a lot is knowing what you like and what you don’t like, and if you find out that you don’t like something just to move.

He was waiting in line outside a movie theater with his girlfriend and who should wait for him? When they entered the theater, Stephen King still read as the lights dimmed. When the lights came on, he immediately opened his book. Now I have not confirmed this story with Stephen King. But I think the message this story gives is important.

Oh, and make sure you end up at the strip club to bring a book. Joining a book club is a great way to read, meet new people, listen to recommendations and generally get in touch with books. Who doesn’t like to talk about their favorite TV shows?

I finally deciphered 100 books last year and just finished my 140 yesterday. I also like to read paper / e-books, but there is plenty of time on the day when I just don’t have a chance to read, wash, hang clothes, walk in the morning and at that moment the audiobooks are perfect . I think that as long as the task is physical, but not too demanding audiobooks work very well, it is actually easier to hear when you do something physically at a low level . In recent years I have also slowly increased the speed and now listen regularly to 1.75x-2.0x, making the average book I read 5-10 hours long.

Those factors alone can make it easier to spend more time reading if you have a free minute. Those free minutes may not add up to nine books a year, but it will still be a well-specific time. “What I found is a very good time for me to read in the morning, especially on the weekend,” says Neary. “I like to lie in bed on weekends in the morning and read. It’s get paid to read books just one of my favorite things to do now, and I get a lot to read now.”Doesn’t that just sound charming?? Of course it may not be suitable for everyone (you see, chronic snoozers!) but waking up first in the morning and getting some pages is a good way to start the day. Also, says Neary, this means you won’t fall asleep trying to read before going to bed.

Here are some powerful tips for reading more books.

We are always on the road and juggling with our careers, family life, recreation and fitness. Therefore, it can be very difficult to find some free time where you can read a book. Therefore, if you want to develop a reading habit, make sure to make time for your book every day. Anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour it is perfect to read a favorite book and continue with the plot. Reading time can be in the morning before work or in the evening just before bed.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by a community dedicated to books filled with those who feel as dizzy as I am about setting reading goals, which will encourage you and remind you that you “understood” it! Whether you regret the lack of reading time in your life or just want to read more books, you are not alone. According to time management expert Julie Morgenstern, author of Time Management From the Inside Out, the new normality has been a waste of reading time. “For many people, their journey was their reading time and they lost it,” she says.