8 Best Destinations To Visit In Incheon

It also has dozens of seafood restaurants and affordable hotels along the boardwalk. The natural centerpiece of Incheon is Songdo Central Park, a pastoral delight alongside 인천오피 the imposing skyscrapers. A tour of Paradise Art Space, the complex’s elegant art gallery, is one of the stops at the free transit tour service offered by the airport.

You can understand a chapter of Korean history here, as the park is home to several historical monuments. With the Incheon opening gate in 1883, areas near the park were occupied with concessions from various countries, including the US. Later, in 1957, when the statue of General MacArthur, in command of Incheon’s landing operation during the Korean War, the park was renamed “Jayu Park”, meaning “freedom” in Korean. A relaxed attitude, delicious dishes, beautiful outdoors and colorful street art are great things to expect. Many visitors from South Korea would like to leave the airport and go to Jeju, Daegu or Busan Island. We had to leave many places to select the list of things we had to do in Incheon.

Try traditional Korean dishes in fast food stalls or seated restaurants that promote kimchi, noodles, mackerel and the comforting rice dish bibim hood. There are also plenty of other dishes, such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian and more. Western chains include Burger King, KFC and Shake Shack, always popular.

It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon on a sunny day. Medha: Take a trip back to South Korea and visit Incheon again! Although Incheon Airport is great and has many activities to keep everyone busy with a stopover. In the same area of Chinatown, it is a quirky area of sculptures and street art by Disney princesses and other characters, fairytale characters and more. A city is needed to support the colorful walls and front gardens. If you come to Incheon from Incheon International Airport, you must go through immigration.

At the end of the 19th century, there was already a lot of commercial activity on the international Sinpo market, as Sinpo-dong was an international port where many foreigners passed and traded. On the market you will find plenty of delicious Korean street food, such as teokbokki, kimbap, kimchi and the most popular roof gangong (fried chicken). Sinpo dakgangjeong is very famous among the Koreans, the meat is juicy, the skin is extremely crispy and very tasty. If you want to learn more about Incheon’s past, be sure to visit the Sinpo International Market, which is home to many traditional shops and restaurants.

But there is a wide variety of cultural museums, rich history, adventure activities and jumps to the island to enjoy. Munchee Choi / shutterstock.com Enjoy the sun while enjoying one of these amazing beaches that Incheon has in its package. As one of the few astronomical sightings in Incheon, this beach also allows activities such as camping, it is also fun to participate. However, if it is from the man who prefers loneliness, Dongmak beach is his, since the first is full of people almost all year round.