Activities In Luxor, Egypt

Around sunset, visit the Temple of Luxor, one of the best-preserved complexes from Egyptian antiquity. At night, the temple is illuminated, making this time of day particularly Hurghada fishing day trip suitable for a visit. We generally travel independently and very rarely do we hire guides or tours. You will see an incredible number of old sites and the story is fascinating.

Sit down for a fresh home-made meal and talk to your hosts about your daily life, culture and customs. A fascinating insight into the food, flavors and family and family life of the local Luxor population. Fly over the Luxor open-air museum on your own hot air balloon. After an early pick-up at your Luxor hotel, you can enjoy a light breakfast on your way to the starting point. Climb your own private basket and enter the clouds just as the sun rises and the historic views illuminate with a warm glow. Spend a day with the wonders of the West Bank on this day tour from Luxor.

You should also organize your tours very early in the morning or after sunset to avoid suffocating afternoon temperatures in Luxor. Read more about the best things to do in the city of Luxor. Luxor’s tourist attractions will shed some light on how glorious and brilliant the ancient Egyptian civilization was. Since 1987, Egypt Tours Portal has been the best travel agency where every traveler can experience all the art, history and culture of this golden city in the most entertaining way. The best time to visit Luxor is from October to April, when the city is experiencing a pleasant climate. However, in the months of December and January, Cairo welcomes the top tourists who are uncomfortably busy.

All our tours are personalized by travel, financial and time advisors to meet all your possible needs during your time in Egypt. We always keep in mind that your safety and comfort are our top priority until you return home. And some months are fun, while others are uncomfortably hot. The best weather in Luxor generally takes place between October and April. The high season in the city takes place in the months of December and January.

With such a rich history, it is not surprising that Egypt has several museums full of artifacts, but there are still many pieces that are not on display. For this reason, the country has worked hard to create a new museum called the Great Egyptian Museum that will be located near the Great Pyramids. Although the details are still unknown, it has been published that one of the exhibitions will display all the artifacts found in King Tutankhamun’s grave. Egypt is home to several impressive museums, although perhaps the most impressive at the moment is the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Set in a beautiful building from 1901, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo houses more than 120,000 artifacts. From images to jewelry, papyrus and masks, there are tons to see and you could honestly spend days, if not weeks, viewing everything.