Advantages Of Removing Dents Without Paint

In addition, this procedure allows our technicians to apply pressure while handling the thing to restore the previous shape of their vehicle. We also take into account the location of the damage when evaluating the car. For example, a paintless dent repair is not ideal if the thing is on the edges of the door panel or hood. However, our qualified and experienced technicians will tell you after evaluation whether the POP is suitable for your vehicle.

But with newer techniques, such as removing paintless dents, it is efficient and cost effective to take your car with you every time it takes its toll or is thrown away. If you own a car, you will understand the hassle of paintless dent repair franklin tennessee dealing with the hail season. Whatever you do, hail can be unpredictable and often difficult to avoid. You may tend to wait until the season is over to handle repairs, but this can lead to more damage and costly repairs.

At Fix Auto USA, our highly trained technicians have the tools and experience to perform expert paintless dent repairs that make your car look like new again. Grinding, gluing, filling or primers are not necessary because the original factory paint is not changed. A typical estimate for a small dent from a body shop generally ranges from $ 300 – $ 800 or more. The same dent can generally be repaired at a fraction of the cost with Paintless Dent Repair.

The process physically removes damage to the back of the panel by pushing the dent and flattening it from the top surface. The necessary tools are specially designed to remove paintless dents and not damage the factory finish in your vehicle. By reading designed LED lightboards or reflection boards, we read the metal damage and systematically remove the dent and return the metal to its original shape. And this means you can access back damage using specialized tools to remove dents without paint. In this way, technicians see the dent from the inside and the outside.

– ARC-certified master technicians for paintless dent repair guarantee the highest quality repairs verified by other technicians. ~ 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed by restoring the value of your vehicle and maintaining the finish of your factory. – As a natural act, it does not adversely affect the value of your vehicle if it is confirmed with a paintless dent repair. ~ Make a claim to your insurance company and we will complete the entire insurance process from start to finish and return your vehicle to the condition of the storm. – Trusted repair locations in the Treasure Valley, we can repair your local vehicle with a fast response time.

Our highly qualified technicians have years of experience and customers are often amazed at the ability to restore the value and appearance of a vehicle in such a short time. If you are looking for a high-quality dent repair service for your car, but you are not sure if paintless dent repair is the route for you, then you are not alone. Stainless dental repair is a relatively new service that uses specialized tools to repair the dent and restore the exterior to its original position.

At Interstate Dent Company, we offer a mobile, paintless dent removal solution in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, saving you time and money.