An Extreme Makeover from The Inside Out

It seems that everyone is getting a makeover these days – if something can be nipped, tucked, removed, or camouflaged, you don’t have to look far to find someone having it done. On the other hand, there aren’t as many people https://www.testextextile.com/product/medical-face-mask-machine/ undergoing extreme makeovers from the inside, which is too bad because this non-surgical, needle-less process provides a great opportunity to improve yourself without weeks of recuperation and sky high medical bills. Not to mention that the results of an internal makeover are much longer-lasting; once you become a strong, confident, giving, and compassionate person on the inside, those traits make you beautiful on the outside.
Here are nine ways to make over your life from the inside out:

1. Brighten your smile by flashing it more often. A smile is not only the best fashion accessory a woman can have, it also helps you connect with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers; that connection is really what life is all about. Try these smile-brightening techniques:

o Spend more time with people who bring you joy. When you are joyful your smile comes from your heart, and there is nothing in the world more attractive.

o Dedicate fifteen minutes today to play, whether with your kids, your companion animals, or your co-workers. Letting your inner 5-year old out for recess may be just what it takes to get you to show your pearly whites again.

o When you feel terrific, notify your face! Don’t keep your good day to yourself – broadcast it one smile at a time.

o When anyone asks you how your day is going, no matter how badly, say “Terrific!” with a huge smile. Studies show that faking a smile can make you feel more like really smiling almost immediately.

2. Get rid of your irritable scowl by basking in contentment. Got frown lines? Instead of running for the Botox, ask yourself why. Is it perhaps from feeling discontented with your life? When things don’t satisfy us, we tend to frown more often. Feeling discontent can also stir up other negative emotions – jealousy, greed, frustration, exhaustion (because we have to work so hard to get the things we think we need to make us feel content), and all of those register on our faces (and not in a good way!)

That world-famous author, Anonymous, has a quote I really like that goes like this, “Measure wealth not by the things you have but by the things you have for which you would not take money.” Being content does not come from having more, but from appreciating what you already have and sharing it with others. To feel more content and loosen up that frown, try these steps:

o Empty out one room in your house entirely. Stand inside for fifteen minutes. It feels big and full of potential, right? Now only put back things that make you content (sorry, that jackalope statue you got at the flea market last year will just have to go!)

o Invite someone whose life you envy to lunch this week. No matter who we are or how much we have, we all seem to want something we don’t have. Those with little money want a lot. Those with a lot want more time for themselves. Those with a lot of time for themselves want something that makes them feel needed and useful. Choose a friend you think has it all and find out what they envy about your life.

o Practice saying “I have enough” over and over. Say it when you’re in the grocery story, tempted by something you don’t really need. Say it when your neighbor gets a new car. Say it when you can’t sleep and you’re up watching infomercials and are tempted to order that machine that cuts hair and doubles as a fishing pole!

3. Give yourself heartlights. Highlighting makes your hair shine. Heartlightening makes your whole life shine. Heartlightening is the act of choosing to be cheerful not because the world is a great place all the time, but because it’s better when you embrace it with a positive spirit. I once heard a story about a man named Jerry who always chose a light approach to his life, even after he’d been shot in a robbery. When the emergency room nurse asked him if there was anything he was allergic to and he replied, “Bullets.”

Many people believe that those who are light-hearted – who laugh quickly, don’t carry grudges, or dwell on disappointment – must have easy lives. Or maybe they just don’t understand how terribly serious the world is. This, of course, isn’t true. Light-hearted people have just learned to seek out the light in everything, from gray days to annoying people. If you need as few more heartlights, try these steps:

o Get rid of one somber item from your wardrobe and replace it with a Hawaiian shirt. It’s really hard to take life seriously when you’re wearing flamingos!

o Change your internal wardrobe too by replacing one negative phrase you often use with another that is more positive. For example, if you often say to yourself, “I’m feeling blue,” replace it with “Whenever I feel blue, I just remember to breathe again!”

o Vow to try to lighten up everyone’s day today. Tell a joke or a funny story about something that happened to you. Make it your goal to leave everyone you talk to giggling. You can even use a feather, but not on strangers!

o Practice “Tootsie Pop Therapy.” Next time your heart feels heavy, pop a Tootsie Pop in your mouth. In the time it takes to get all the way to the chewy center, you will have had plenty of time to think about ways to lighten up (and it keeps your mouth too busy to say something you’ll be sorry for later!)

4. Put a little elasticity in your life. As we get older, we often tend to focus on the lack of elasticity in our skin; our breasts aren’t as perky as they used to be, our arms a little flabbier, our chin a little droopy. We should really pay less attention there and more attention to how quickly we bounce back from adversity and stress. That’s the kind of elasticity that’s really important. After all, when your heart isn’t resilient, you can’t just buy a stronger bra!
You can improve your resilience:

o Help someone undergoing adversity. Don’t just say you’ll be there if they need you, make a list of things you can do and ask them to check off any of them they could use your help with. By helping others through hard times, you will develop skills that will help you bounce back from your own problems.

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