Bio-identical Hormones

Many composite bio-identical hormonal preparations fall into this category. Other potential benefits of compound hormone therapy compared to conventional FDA-approved hormone therapy include greater dosing flexibility, availability of low dose preparations and lower potential costs. Oral progesterone is micronized to increase availability and is approved by the FDA to treat endometrial hyperplasia when used as opposed to estrogen. It is also approved to relieve menopause complaints alone or in combination with estrogens.

Regarding the risk of breast cancer, studies show no benefit from one type of estrogen over another. Some EEG studies show no increase in breast cancer and others show a small increase. Studies suggest that an increased risk is observed when estrogen is combined with a synthetic progestogen, and that synthetic progestogen may be the constituent of long-term combination HT most related to breast cancer.

Testosterone therapy also appears to have significant effects on other aspects of your health and may further reduce the risks of estrogen replacement. Another mistake is that bio-identical hormones increase the risk of cancer. In addition, many studies report that CCT reduces the risk of one cancer: breast cancer.

Pharmaceutical composition is often used to change the dose, shape and additives in preparations as prescribed by a physician. Testosterone supplementation can improve libido in postmenopausal women, but it can also lower high density lipoprotein levels . They are limited and include the commercially prepared estrogen-testosterone mixture Estratest; Composition pharmacies are the primary source of only testosterone preparations for women. A testosterone patch is approved for use in the UK and the European Union, but expects long-term safety data in Canada and the United States. There is nothing easy for a man to grow up, because as a woman he also has to deal with pain and discomfort.

The FDA stated that they did not take these regulatory measures against composite bio-identical hormones in response to Wyeth’s request, as that is not the purpose of a citizen’s petition. They said they Hormone Doctor Huntsville had an ongoing investigation when they received the request. The agency’s Deputy Director of the Compliance Office stated that the use of estriol would require a permit to research and apply drugs again.

Bio-identical hormones are plant-derived hormones that are chemically similar or structurally identical to those of the body. Bio-identical hormones include commercially available products approved by the U.S. UNITED STATES, such as micronized progesterone and estradiol, as well as composite preparations not regulated by the FDA. Many pharmacies use the term bio-identical hormone to suggest that these preparations are natural or equal to endogenous substances and, so, are safe. The term bio-identical hormonal therapy has been recognized by the FDA and the Endocrine Society as a marketing term and not one based on scientific evidence 4.

The FDA also stated that it has not approved an estriol-containing medicine and that no information has been provided to the FDA on its safety and efficacy. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists supported FDA’s concerns about the marketing and use of bio-identical hormones. In response to FDA actions, the International Academy of Compound Pharmacists launched a letter writing campaign to the FDA to reverse this action, referring to Wyeth’s attempt as a “self-service and” campaign, sometimes, duplicate patients’ access to alternatives for limit their own products.

During your consultation, we will discuss all this information in detail to ensure that you feel well informed. Traditional HST focuses primarily on helping menopause women restore their hormonal balance through progesterone and estrogen, and although there is HST for men in the form of testosterone, It is not considered a viable treatment for older men who would otherwise be healthy. However, with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, men of all ages can benefit from hormones that are structurally identical to the testosterone their body already produces. Preparations consisting of bio-identical hormones are usually estriol, estrone, estradiol, testosterone, progesterone and sometimes dehydro-epiandrosterone, individually or in a particular combination. They are promoted as natural, safer and more effective than CHT; However, there are no scientific studies to support BH’s superiority claims over CHRT.

Menopausal side effects can drastically reduce the quality of life for some women. If you have serious hot flashes or other menopause side effects and are considering HST, talk to your doctor about all your options. Ask how you can minimize your risk of breast cancer AND relieve your symptoms. Make sure to discuss the pros and cons of different types and doses of HST