Draw A Comic Strip In 7 Easy Steps

We will focus on how to divide your comic idea into a visual script and make it easy and fun to read with different types of panels and perspectives. If your strip has scientific ideas, take the time to make sure you have the right details. If it’s a fun joke, it doesn’t have to be absolutely correct.

We recommend that you use basic shapes to draw characters. Since this is your first comic, you may want to use the stick figures to simplify it. The sound bubble and any sound effects on stellar bursts also burst.

Think about what you draw to a particular comic series and study from a creative and technical point of view. View the artist’s decisions regarding design, drawing style, color, character and history. If you understand which items seem intriguing or effective in someone else’s work, you can develop your own skills and style. With all the serial content that is made online and in print, you distinguish yourself by your creative vision. Starting a comic requires a significant amount of time, so you need to make sure you have enough interest in your characters and story to continue your project. Making a comic is a great school project that can be applied to any lesson, be it art, science or English.

For example, you can send the scaling line within a system with a single circle and a point. Use the point to display your smallest scale and then draw a proportionally scaled circle to display the largest scale. This very simple comic gives a better sense of scale than writing ‘small’ and ‘twenty times bigger’ . As further investigated, it is not about the smoothness of the lines or the precision of the circles, and if you can make a rough shape on the paper, you can do what we have set out in these lines. Anyone can make a comic strip, and often the biggest obstacle is simply overcoming the idea that you can’t. In this way you improve the communication of ideas by practicing.

For example, larger panels, such as the fourth and fifth panels in this fragment from a Lyonel Feininger comic strip, help convey the thrill of characters when they catch a large fish. At the same time, the long shape of the last panel helps create movement at the bottom. What if you made a panel in an unusual shape, such as a star or a cloud??

If you run into problems in your first thumbnail round, just spread that page and make a new sketch. This part of the creative process can involve a lot custom wood keychains of testing and errors, okay! It’s always best to figure out how the story progresses before spending time inking and coloring your comic book drawings.