Enjoy Your Summer Holidays in the Summer Festival of Mount Abu

Rajasthan – the land of royalty – is widely recognized for its fairs and satta matka festivities besides its rich cultural heritage. Every destination in Rajasthan takes part in the festivities. Every festival celebrated here is significant in its own way. Summer festival is one such festival. It is among the vivid festivals of Rajasthan that are celebrated annually. The prime celebrations of the festival are held in Mount Abu – the famous hill station of Rajasthan. The summer festival is celebrated during ‘Aashadh Mas’ on Buddha Purnima which, according to Hindu calendar, generally falls in between May and June.

The romantic hill station of Mount Abu celebrates this festival to welcome the warmth of the summer season.The serene lakes, steep rocks, mesmerizing landscape, and pleasant atmosphere affirm to be a perfect backdrop to celebrate this festival. This festival is a tribute to the unique Rajasthani ethnic life and culture. This three-day annual festival spreads the spirit of festivity all over.

The Summer Festival provides a treat of folk and classical music with folk dance which depicts the tribal life and culture of Rajasthan. The cheerfulness and warmth of the locals can be easily seen during this period. Their hospitable nature and lively culture with the dynamic atmosphere of the festivities will surely make your experience memorable. The festival initiates itself with a ceremonial procession.

People gather together at Nakki Lake Chowk and sing traditional carols pursued by fantastic folk dance performances. Gair, Ghoomar and Daph are performed by various artists. The artists bewitch its spectators by their charming moves. The festival accommodates exciting events like the boat race at Nakki Lake which adds more charm to the festival. Sham-e-Qawwali is a spectacular musical pageant which is held in the evening. The most renowned Qawwals and artists participate and entertain the audience in this Qawwali. The festival concludes itself with astonishing fireworks on each of the three days of the festival.

The second and third day of the festival holds more excitement. The excitement is in the form of various events and competitions. The whole day is occupied with a plethora of activities and exciting competitions such as CRPF Band Show, Skating Race/Show, Boat Race, Horse Race, Tug of War, Panihari Matka Race and Deepdan etc. People come here to enjoy the festive spirit bestowed by this festival and take advantage of their summer holidays.

Being the most famous hill station of Rajasthan, Mt. Abu is easily available for witnessing this summer festival. Bus services and other transport facility provide a good network for linking this widely recognized hill station to other dominant destinations such as Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaipur etc. Airport and railway station also provides good transportation for reaching the desired spot.

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