Here’s Why The Bow Support Is So Important

The idea that the foot’s main arch, the medial longitudinal arc, should be supported and supported is a longstanding belief in the world of foot care and the shoe industry. In fact, supporting the ML arc with conventional brackets is a common approach used by physicians to help treat certain foot and ankle conditions and “solve” inherent foot defects. The bow support is also a common design element that includes unconventional footwear for the same reasons.

Lack of bow support makes your body misaligned and also puts more pressure on your heels and the ball on your foot. You won’t even be able to do some yoga postures or exercises if your feet aren’t healthy or bad shoes don’t hurt. If you have a foot condition this can make it worse, and if you don’t have a foot condition, you can make one. Child templates: It is common for children to experience foot pain. Recognizing foot problems from the start can prevent even more painful foot problems in the future. Children who experience supination, foot pain and overpronation will benefit from the use of bow supports.

It has been suggested that the forefoot BT in the arc support template provides propulsion uphill and flat trekking. In addition, participants showed higher maximum pressures in metatarsals 2-4 of the forefoot while using the arc support template than with the flat template during the flat walk. This effect can be explained as an optimization of the heel lift by sharing part of the heel load and helping the foot drive during the hike .

Metatarsalgia is a condition in which the ball of your foot becomes painful and inflamed. It is often associated with sports and active activities involving running and jumping. There are also other causes, including foot and shoe deformations that are too tight or too loose. The use of a carrying arch and / or an orthotic light up the pressure on the affected areas and also redistributes the pressure because the body is better aligned with a carrying arch. The arc mounts can be adjusted with a met panel that will further reduce the pressure. Some arc mounts come with a built-in measurement panel, for those who prefer to remove the option if needed, a change may be the best solution.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia of the foot. This can be caused by the use of poorly adapted shoes, shoes that are too worn, excessive use, flat feet, trauma and many other reasons. The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is heel pain if you sit upright in the morning or after a long time and then get up.

You may be amazed at the difference you add bow support templates to your foot shoes. That tired and tired feeling is no longer part of life or those hotspots you get when you are on a long journey are a thing of the past. Shoe companies have an unwritten rule that they arch support for sandals live by when it comes to making their shoes. Unless you buy custom or special shoes, you will receive shoes with minimal bow support. This is because the companies that make their shoes want them to adapt to as many people as possible, regardless of their arc height.

In addition, newer shoes resulted in a slightly lower risk of injuries than older shoes. However, more expensive shoes are not necessarily better or safer than cheap ones. A study by RunRepeat has shown that expensive running shoes have a lower rating than the more affordable ones.