How to Choose the Best Pair of Ladies Boxing Shorts

Until quite recently female boxing was not considered an official sport and amateur matches were being fought in small unknown locations between a limited number มวยสากล of boxing enthusiasts. In fact it wasn’t until the 1970’s that women were even allowed to be legally included in a fight and as late as 1998 that the first fully sanctioned ladies tournaments really started to become popular events. Due to this lack of initial organization a specific boxing uniform was never developed and still to this day nobody has decided on a standard ladies boxing costume. If you watch a women’s boxing tournament on the television, you may notice that some fighters choose to wear boxing shorts and sleeveless shirts, while others sport tight trunks and tank tops. So what is the correct attire for female amateur and professional boxers?

The truth is there is no exact uniform for female boxers nor is there a rule regarding specific guidelines for what apparel a lady must wear during training or a fight. Although, in 2010 there was some controversy over the International Boxing Associations decision to include a new rule that all female boxers must wear mini-skirts. This was immediately dropped as a massive 36 out of 40 professional and amateur fighters were completely against this rule, mainly on the grounds that it was sexist, but also because mini-skirts limit movements. Unfortunately, this same ‘Mini-skirt rule’ is back as there are rumors that girls must wear them as the standard uniform for the Olympic Games first ever female boxing tournaments.

Popular types of ladies boxing shorts

If you’re new to ladies boxing, whether it’s kickboxing, mixed martial arts or classic boxing then you might be wondering what types of shorts are best for training and tournaments. Firstly, the most important considerations are the fit and comfort ability, as well as the type of material used to make the shorts. Ideally they should give you enough room to easily move your legs without too much discomfort or chaffing, also the material should be made from a durable, stretchy material that absorbs and pushes your sweat away from your body. To give you a better idea of the various designs and styles of ladies boxing shorts available to you, here are two recent hot sellers:

Pro Impact Professional Trunks:

These represent the standard style of boxing shorts, made to be uni-sex they come in a range of different sizes and colors made from a quality satin material that not only has a brilliant sheen, but also repels moisture. They have an extra wide waist band with double layered elastic for a tight and comfortable fit so that they don’t slip off during fights or heavy training sessions.

Title custom boxing trunks:

These are a particularly popular brand of ladies boxing shorts as the maker’s offer a wider choice of customizable designs. In fact you can actually select exactly what colors you want, how high the crotch is, what length each leg is and whether or not to add a sexy slit down the side of each trunk leg. The material is a mix of satin and cotton which gives the ultimate comfort and helps to keep sweat from pooling on your body. Finally, there is a baggy crotch area to make room for a pro-styled cup protector and a super elastic 4-inch waist band for a comfy fit during bouts or training sessions.

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