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“You need your carpet to set boundaries and land your furniture,” says interior designer Danielle Oakey. “In a living room, your rug determines the conversation space, and it should be large enough that it contains at least the front legs of the furniture.” The use of carpets of different sizes in the same room also serves to define spaces. For example, a rug placed on the living room floor may be interrupted by smaller carpets at the top that are placed under the seating areas on the furniture.

Indoor and outdoor carpets are a suitable choice, as are natural textiles and high-quality carpets. A dining room generally sees less foot traffic than the kitchen, living room, and entrance, but is prone to spills and crumbs. You may want to look for a high-quality carpet that can withstand stains, spills, and odor under your table for easy maintenance. Avoid high-stack and shag carpets, which can catch crumbs; instead, consider flat fabric carpets because of their relative ease of care.

Choosing the right carpet may require some planning, but it’s time well spent. To guide you through everything from carpet materials to choosing a carpet size, Allison Jones, textile dealer at CB2, reveals her expert advice on how to choose the best flooring for your needs. Here you will discover everything you need to know about choosing the perfect carpet for each room.

Low-stack and flat fabric carpets are the options you’ll want to look for if you need something durable and sturdy. The carpets in our Axminster collection can be custom-made in our hand sewing cheap area rugs workshop by expert craftsmen for almost any length and width. The result is an incredibly strong seam that lasts for decades and has the same 20-year warranty as the original carpet.

If so, you’ll want to use a material that can handle heavy foot traffic and doesn’t fray easily. For example, a white carpet would not be a good choice for a family room where children and pets will often play. Choose a low-stack mat for areas with a lot of activity, including an entrance, so it will be much easier to keep it clean. The size, the material, the height of the pole, the construction…