Learning Versus Teaching

Howard Gardner identified a wide variety of modalities in his theories of multiple intelligences. The work of Type Delineator by David Kolb and Anthony Gregorc follows a similar but more simplified approach. Educational psychology can be partly understood by its relationship with other disciplines.

In addition, it can enable indigenous communities to “claim and re-evaluate their languages and cultures, thereby improving the educational success of indigenous students.” In most countries today, full-time education, whether or not at school, is compulsory for all children up to a certain age. As a result, UNESCO, in combination with population growth, has calculated the proliferation that more people will receive formal education in the next 30 years than in all human history to date.

As the title emphasizes, learning is more important than education. The most crucial reason is that learning is a lifelong process, while education is followed at some point in our lives. And the other important factor is that learning is relatively individual, while turkiyede tehsil education is something an individual gets from an external source. The article indicates three main dimensions called “the knowledge society”. I would like to emphasize the third dimension; which suggests that we need to know how to learn and how to solve problems.

We are natural students, he said, born with insatiable curiosity. Other contemporary European approaches, led by figures such as Reggio Emilia and Rudolf Steiner, agree with the constructivist idea that experience is essential to achieve a positive learning outcome. They value curiosity that is at least equal to the curriculum and respect the emerging nature of learning. Learning in the classroom includes personal interaction between students, instructors and colleagues. Students in classroom learning are actively involved in asking questions and solving their questions. Dialogues between individuals lead to the flow of conversations and offer the opportunity to share their experiences.

Education eliminates ignorance and helps people make them aware of their fundamental rights. Education helps to impart moral values that are lacking in our youth and that need to be carefully addressed to create a good society. We see that there are many unskilled politicians who selfishly lead our government and for the proper functioning of the administration we need to attract more educated people in politics.

Formal education is given to the student through schools and various institutions. In that sense, education can be defined as the process of giving intellectual and moral instructions to an individual. It is about the transfer of knowledge from one person to another.

Both are not the same, and I think recognizing and appreciating the difference (understanding learning versus education) is a critical part of becoming the effective lifelong students we need to be in our world today. The debate about online learning versus traditional learning may never end. While there are still people who prefer traditional learning approaches, others value the online or virtual environment for convenience and fitness.

This learning takes place both at school and outside school. Although I believe that education mainly takes place at school, for a specific purpose. We must use knowledge, learning and education at school properly …