Most Popular Collectible Card Games

Speed Duel was recently launched as a simpler and back-to-basic version of YGO based on the fast-play Links duel app. With smaller decks to build, fewer hit points, and matches that can be completed in just five or ten minutes, Speed Duel is a user-friendly introduction to Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel has its own pool of cards that can be used in the full game, so once you feel like you have a mastery of things, you can move on to the more complicated experience – or just play it as a great card game in itself. The goal of the game is to take control of the dark side or the Force, depending on which side you give yourself. You can play with characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and R2D2 to name a few.

Playing cards have moved into the digital realm, allowing esports players to explore and enjoy this type of game. We’ve compiled this list of the best collectible card games that deserve your Trading Card Games Social Network attention, and we’ve included a few collectible and live card games on the side. Some are prominent titles you’ve probably tried, while others may not be familiar in both name and style.

The fights aren’t quite the same as in video games or Pokémon Go, but it’s damn close and really captures the feeling of being a Pokémon master. Decentralized collectible card games are built on blockchain technology with a game to earn mechanics, which means that players are now rewarded for their playing time. This ranking shows the top 25 collectible card game streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

While anime and video games follow the exploits of Goku, Gohan and their friends, the TCG allows players to use any of the available characters. The game includes 4 types of cards, including Leader, Battle, Extra and Unison, where the deck consists of a single Leader card and a mix of the other 3. Just try wrapping your head around Xyz or Synchro and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve all seen the story of the hacker against the conglomerate happen before, but Netrunner does it in an interesting way. Using bits as currency, the Runner must extrapolate the Corp’s secret data before the company can carry out its secret and evil plans. Corp cards contain cyber defense programs called ICE, which the hacker fights with decryption programs called icebreakers.

And unfortunately, it feels like the Yu-Gi-Oh CCG has become a bit outdated for us. So we dived deep to find some of the other fantastic trading card games the market has to offer. Some are video games, others are purely physical, and a few are both. But these are all card games with a fairly large number of followers and intensely complex mechanics. So, if you’re looking for another game to play that doesn’t require a duel disc or the five parts of Exodia, then we’ve got you covered.

As more and more players discover and play this game, the company collects information about users to make frequent changes to expand the playing field and create new strategies. We weren’t quite sure that CCG fans would consider these elements to be part of the genre, so we put them all as one article instead of sprinkling them everywhere. And while many of them come with all the cards you’ll need to play, many of them offer expansions or allow players to collect more cards as they learn the game to deepen their experience with them.

Play Pokémon from your hand to your couch, spend energy cards to launch attacks, use trainer cards for a support advantage, and develop your Pokémon mid-game to spawn their more advanced forms. Newer optional game modes complicate things, but the basic controls are simple and extremely satisfying. It’s just fun to see your sweet Cutiefly evolve into a deadly Ribombee. Even if you haven’t played the Pokémon card game yet, you know how it works. You and your opponent each have a deck full of pocket monsters, which you choose to send into battle – defeat enough of your opponent’s Pokémon and you win.

And in Battlefield mode, you’ll fight players who stand in your way and take on your friends in battles with up to eight heroes. Epic duels, early game missions, devastating combos and a dark fantasy environment, what are you waiting for? The goal of a TCM player is to gather their cards in a single game and win by combining creatures or heroes summoned. Only you will have to get more, to build your “dream team” of the circle of prestidigitation. To get cards, you have to earn them by playing, or they win at events, or they win in a draw.

Matches revolve around your unique hero card which is supposed to symbolize your character in the MMORPG. Instead of announcing that you are attacking with X number of creature cards, your character and his assistants/group members focus on one thing at a time. What we particularly like about the WoW TCG are the raid mechanics, where three to five players can face a raid master, who controls all the enemies and bosses that players have to fight. A great concept invented by the WoW TCG was the ability to unlock downloadable content in the game via scratch codes on the front of rare “loot” cards. This led many non-TCG players to purchase many decks to unlock many rare mounts and other different items that could only be obtained through the TCM loot cards. The battles in question are possible thanks to maps of varying quality.

Introduced to the world in 1993, collectible card games have created a springboard for the gaming world and have continued to do so throughout history. From fantasy to horror, sci-fi and even sports, card game enthusiasts have had access to a variety of different collectible card games that allow them to interact with others strategically. Between vintage and collectible digital card games, this kind of game continues to bring in millions of dollars each year.