Natural Coconut Bowls

However, there is a way to make life easier in a sustainable way, and that starts with choosing sustainable products, just like coconut shells. By surrounding yourself with sustainable options, you can make your environment more sustainable. This results in a change in their identity and, in turn, their lifestyle.

The local artisans we work with cut the shells into the desired shape for a bowl. They sand and brush them with organic coconut oil to produce a beautiful and completely durable coconut bowl. Once completed, head to the craftsman’s workshop to engrave the unique patterns on the shells. We never work with harmful machines; the whole process is handmade by nature and by the skilled artisans of the Vietnamese community with whom we work. You can buy affordable and unique coconut shells online in Australia that have been collected from Indonesia and Vietnam and reused. Rescued from landfill and considered “waste,” coconut shell is a versatile gift that can encourage someone to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Every recipe in our coconut bowl cookbook is easy to follow, nutritious and inspired by a plant-based diet. You can try making exciting vegan treats, Buddha bowls and healthy fruit smoothies full wholesale baskets of superfoods like acai and avocado. Our culinary arrangements are made with love, carefully packaged without plastic and responsibly shipped in your hands, fresh from the artisan workshop.

The good news is that your coconut bowl is very easy and easy to clean with warm running water in no time! Like any regular tableware, your coconut bowl can also break in the fall, so try to handle your coconut bowl with gentle care and protect it from the bumps. As with our exclusive bamboo straws and eco-friendly products, our natural coconut shells are also available for individual use and wholesale.

Reusing coconut shell spoons is a big step forward for the environment as they are reused and reinvested. Coconut Bowls reduces this effect by recovering these waste coconut shells and turning them into a resource. Our handmade coconut shells are made from reclaimed coconut shells.

It is worth noting that bowls are suitable for cold or hot food and should not be used to hold hot food. You also don’t need specialized equipment for any of these DIYers. Although, I used a small saw to cut the coconut in half to get a perfectly even cut for my bowls. You can pick up a small hand saw at any hardware store and the total cost of doing this DIY is still cheaper than buying coconut shells elsewhere. In short, coconut shells have been tested and approved by the world’s leading scientific laboratories and government agencies around the world.

No two bowls of coconut are the same, but each serves the same benefit to Mother Nature by preserving her natural resources. No plastic or landfills, just trendy, sustainable and efficient dishes. Another advantage of making coconut shells by hand is that the process consumes significantly less energy than the mass production process of other types of bowls.