Personal Security and Terrorism

Given the alternatives, although terrorism is a global criminological problem, some scholars believe that there is one aspect that occurs in most terrorist acts: the United States is the ultimate victim. Thus, it is probably safe to assume that everything American, both domestic and international, is an honest game for terrorists. American citizens are the victims of terrorist attacks at home or abroad. Despite the increase in spending on security technology, the number of terrorist attacks will continue to rise. As the protection rings around corporate offices, aviation terminals, nuclear power plants, military installations and government facilities narrow, terrorists are likely to become bolder. They are also likely to be less selective in their attacks during the process. Therefore, the issue of personal security, especially when traveling abroad, becomes the most important travel issue. Personal safety means taking the necessary measures to ensure survival and protection from injury. It is required that someone pre-planned and develop a strategy of protective countermeasures. The purpose of this tactic is to reduce personal exposure to danger. This is not a static process, but dynamic and continuous planning. Remember that there is no 100% secure system. However, there are basic precautions that can reduce the risk of victimization. As many security experts point out, developing a good plan of action is an important condition for personal safety. This plan should be based on knowledge, training and practice of security methods. If necessary, you should do everything to improve safety. This means adapting, improving and overcoming obstacles as they arise.

Defensive planning in response to terrorism is difficult because of the inability to predict when and where terrorists will strike. A person who cares about safety will have to assess their individual risks. Such impact depends on a person’s lifestyle, business activity and other related interpersonal relationships. In addition, other issues such as mode of travel, routes, level of impact, location, home, etc. need to be considered.

Implement your personal security strategy: terrorist attacks have increased in recent years. Annual growth exceeds previous years. The increase in incidents indicates a wide range of global movements. According to one researcher, the goals in recent years have included a number of places and individual situations. For example, people associated with certain professions, geographic areas, targets, certain modes of transport, etc. have become the target of possible terrorist attacks. In particular, people who frequently travel abroad to high-risk locations or to areas where terrorist activity is known or suspected are a high-risk candidate. These goals or symbols include, but are not limited to, perceived enemies such as United States and United States government officials, embassies, airlines and airports, trains and other forms of public transport, utilities and communications systems. , hotels, schools, businesses and their corporate representatives, as well as many other types of people, places and things. We’re all potential targets.

Whether there is a potential threat posed by a political terrorist or a criminal terrorist, there is always the possibility of violence and destruction. In the planning process, it would be useful to start by assessing the potential risk to a person and deciding whether there was a high risk of involvement in a terrorist act. These efforts are aimed at anticipating a crime to the extent that one understands that a terrorist act is possible under certain circumstances. Initially, it was possible to list personal lifestyle, associations and social status to determine the individual risk category. For example, a personal risk analysis list may include elements such as: individual social status and public profile, history of threat or personal loss, type of area, perceived enemy symbols (e.g. a representative of a large transnational corporation), travel length. as well as means of transportation, personal lifestyle and other people’s perceptions of personal wealth, the vulnerability of family and home, etc.

After careful analysis of the security measures required for the home, an effective security alarm system should be an additional part of the overall plan of action. The alarm system should include heat and smoke detection. Although the alarm system does not provide physical protection, it is used to detect, notify and deter intruders. The alarm system is an early warning tool for passengers and others, such as the police, so that follow-up can be initiated. Choosing a reliable, cost-effective and efficient alarm system is very important for the security planning process. Reliable and qualified emergency services should be consulted. Their links should be carefully considered. Self-defense systems are also available. Early warning is crucial to protecting yourself and others.

If possible, fences and gates should be used along with other security measures. Walls, fences and other types of barriers should be used to prevent entry into the area and provide protection against surveillance, as well as as a psychological warning to a potential attacker. The use of barriers to determine affiliation and prevent intrusion should be carried out in such a way as to create the first line of protection as the main obstacle. Fences should be placed in such a way that the break-in is not encouraged or facilitated for the intruder. Some types of materials can be used on top of fences and gates to make rock climbing less desirable; All possible shelters for the intruder around the perimeter of the fence must be eliminated. Similarly, landscape design can be used in conjunction with fencing and protective barriers. There should be no place where the attacker can hide or avoid surveillance by occupiers or police patrols. Every effort should be made to ensure that safety is combined with the aesthetics of the landscape and fences. The right level of light can be used to improve your home security profile. Outdoor lighting should be placed so that all access points and approaches to the house are properly protected.

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