School Security – Reviewing Your Options

Safety of universities, colleges and schools

First of all, we think of my family, friends, and my niece from Virginia Tech.

Consultant vs. Seller
If you have a security problem, where can you find the answers? Many people turn to a security service provider. This seller may offer services such as security guards or products such as security alarms. To ensure complete security, it is best to talk to a security consultant rather than a security provider. The consultant can advise you on all matters in which the seller can only advise you on the products or services offered by his company.


A security consultant is a person trained in many areas, from communication to alarms. They can evaluate, advise and offer solutions to many problems. If you have a security issue, you should talk to a security professional first. Once you have options, you can find a security service provider that fits your needs. Never go first to the seller. Here 99% of the public are wrong. If you wanted to buy a car, could you talk to a tire seller?

The consultant visits your website, conducts a thorough check and makes a full report on its results. Such a report can include things like employee habits, ease of access, landscape design problems, poor communication, visual needs, and more.

You’ll need an expert in many areas to get a full picture of your security needs and troubleshooting solutions. The security advisor can provide you with options and resources to meet your needs.

Consultants can also view details such as camera location, types and lighting needs or protective film on the glass. They can also display items such as threat emails, student interactions, and zonal alert systems.

The consultant will promote their experience and your needs in all areas, while the seller will promote their product or service in only one or two areas.

Sellers are not advisers

Security provider

A security provider is someone who offers a product or service sold by their company. This is often the domain of their work. Some sellers are just starting to work and they lack knowledge. Some sellers have been engaged in this business and have limited knowledge. Then you can meet with an experienced seller. This type of seller will make you think that their product or service will be the answer to all your problems.

We don’t want to test security service providers because they play a huge role in the security industry. As a customer, you need to understand that a security service provider can only talk about their product or service. Many states have different requirements for consultants and security providers. Ask the seller for a security ID. If the ID says an EA and a seller, they can consult. If it only says “sell,” they can just sell.

There is no single solution for on-site security. No seller should tell the buyer that his product or service will cure everything. Just because you sold the camera doesn’t mean someone can’t enter through the window. Just because you sold the alarm doesn’t mean your student’s car won’t be damaged. For security reasons, you need to look in all directions, not just one or two.

There are more security providers than security consultants. Many sellers try to act as consultants, but the consultant will not act as a seller. Sometimes the seller receives basic training, during which the consultant can study many topics for years. A former soldier or former police officer is often a security adviser. The day before, a security salesman could become a professional golfer. I’ve seen them all.

Consult your security consultant before risking your life or property. Contact your local police for advice from your security specialist. First of all, understand that good security requires different solutions.
Good luck!

Yes, there is a former golf professional who sells electronic security systems to corporate facilities in our region. So what they’re selling doesn’t mean they know it. Check them out and forget about the corporate nonsense they sometimes give you.

Human error

Who’s watching? You may have cameras or security guards protecting your website. One of the most serious security problems is the human factor. People tend to sleep, play, look at work or even think that an event is not important enough to report it.

Life and property are protected by people who earn just above the base wage. Many of these people have limited education and skills. Many of these people don’t care about you, your employees or your property. Faced with the facts, these people get paid and that’s it.

Do you know what a real security expert does every year? A true security expert earns an average of more than $100,000 a year. This security expert will use his previous training to protect you and your property. On average, a security guard earns about $8 an hour or about $8,000 a year. They will use their one-day training to protect you and your property.

What do you prefer to protect yourself and your property? Why cut costs to protect lives so important to others? Real security costs. There is an old saying; “You get what you paid for.”


The best level of security you can have is to hire police officers on vacation to work or patrol your area. The officer on leave always has all the powers to arrest and knows how to solve many problems. Please contact the local police for more information.

The next option is to hire peacekeepers. These are special police officers approved by the court in your area. The officer has all the powers to arrest, but is limited to covering one area. It could be your website or even a block from here.

You can use armed guards. These officers have limited powers to arrest. Although potentially they can quit smoking; (a) only on your website, (b) with the permission of the owner, (c) with the permission of the security company, (d) with the permission of the state. This option poses a high risk to the owner of legal damage if something goes wrong.

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