Self-Casted Discharge in POE Patch 3.19 Has Zero Charge and Deals 20 Million Damage. League Secret Revealed

POE 3.19 Self Cast Discharge with 0 charge, 20,000,000 Damage Per Second, League Secret Revealed/In this particular scenario, all we need is a little bit of time. The moment that everyone has been waiting for has at last arrived. When we have additional competitors, we will begin the next round. Hey, in the middle of the content. We are going to divulge a hidden fact.

We did not find any ninjas who were aware of this fact

1.  This relates to the release of skills

2.  You are aware that the process of releasing will take up all of your time and charge

3.  The amount of charge that is lost during discharge determines the level of damage that is caused

In a normal situation, you won’t even be able to cast spells if you don’t have charge. There is no visible effect whenever you click, but this is magic all the same. The question now is: how are we supposed to discharge ourselves if there is no charge? The answer lies in the concept of a negative minimum charge. How does it work?

In point of fact, the amount of charge is not determined by taking the charge you had before casting and subtracting the cost you incurred after casting. In our situation, the answer is zero; this is not the case. It is currently using the cost before casting minus the minimum cost, which is why we are able to discharge because our correction cost is negative. What is happening now is that it actually uses the cost before casting. In my situation, each piece of jewelry has a minimum charge of – 4 and there is a total of 12 minimum charges that are considered to be negative minimum charges. Yes, this indicates that we have a staggering total of 12 discharges that are permanent. This is a territory that can only be accessed by members of this coalition. We are unable to determine whether this is a mistake or was done on purpose.

If you want to play in this league before it is fixed, what should we do with it in the meantime? This indicates that, in contrast to other discharge structures, it requires a significant amount of investment in order to achieve maximum charging, while we do not require any investment in these. Wen in addition to these rings and amulets, other bills also require additional charging investment, or charging and critical hitting through another skill, which is a kind of cumbersome two hit game style, or using long-distance fur and some heavy investment to reduce the duration of the scale effect. Wen in this way, Pharaoh’s fur can be charged faster. None of this is necessary for us. Simply take these rings and spells, and construct them in the same manner as you would any other normal caster. It is not necessary for magicians to use triple damage wands in my case; therefore, you are free to invest in damage per second, defense, or quality of life, depending on your preferences. Wen my setup,We make more investments in DPS, and as a result, the damage done by each caster ranges between 15 and 12 million.

One attempt is typically sufficient. The discharge has a two-second cooldown time, but when you cast a spell, if there is a spell echo support, it will repeat, so it will almost double your damage. In addition, the spell echo support gem has a good synergy with this construction because: the discharge has a two-second cooling time, but when you cast a spell, if there is a spell echo support, it will repeat. We have a weapon trade in place when my setup is in effect. We are able to provide you with a spell echo that only affects a single target. We sacrificed the spell echo in order to map, and instead we used the second victory, which will result in an improvement to your quality of life. You only need to shoot once for each bag while they are temporarily stored because you have two, which means you have two charges and two storage charges. If you cast the second wind twice against a boss who is insane, the boss will be defeated.

POE 3.6 Class Guide (please click here to buy it) gives off a very positive vibe. This mechanism can be beneficial to a variety of skills, including those listed below. One of them is face running, which has a duration that proportionally increases with the amount of rage charge that is used up; therefore, you can see that we have 13 seconds, even though it is not necessary for it to be so long, right? You can also see that the arcane impact helps my working face run: the fact that it has 28 seconds is something that we consider to be an error. In addition, the duration of the Immortal Summoning skill extends further with each consumed insurance premium, and it also reaps the benefits of this mechanism.

We prefer cold damage and lightning damage, because their elements are more useful, such as freezing and impact, so in most cases, time: We can shock enemies with the largest effect, and We can freeze most enemies and / or map bosses, which is very crazy. However, in my settings, we do not have a negative minimum endurance cost. This is because we do not have a negative minimum endurance cost because we prefer cold damage and lightning damage. That is the key, you’re right. We sincerely hope that GGG will not view this content and correct poe items. If it’s not done on purpose, I don’t think they will bother fixing it because there are a lot of other problems in this league that need to be addressed right now. All I need is a map at this point.

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