SMS Marketing – Keeping Your Costs Low

SMS marketing has been around ever since the telecommunications industry began offering cellular devices as gifts and incentives for customers. Years ago, a message from a cellular network could be the same as dropping in a new pair of shoes. Today, however, mobile communication is just as important as email, and many people find that they actually prefer it over email. However, most people have not taken to SMS marketing because they simply don’t understand it or think it has much value compared to email. In this article, I’ll show why mobile SMS marketing should be a part of your overall eCommerce strategy and which Shopify apps can help you achieve your marketing goals.

SMS marketing is the once ignored new kid on the block. If you’re running an online store and seeking a powerful way to boost your abandoned cart recovery rates, check out 7 Shopify apps that will help you in your efforts. In particular, take advantage of SMS segmentation to pinpoint your customer’s needs so you can build your product line, provide superior support, and provide exceptional support. For example, if you sell an assortment of batteries to mobile phone owners, you might want to consider using bulk SMS marketing to send the special promotion to your most loyal customers first, regardless of their cellular provider. This will encourage them to buy sooner rather than later, resulting in higher conversions. And as you know, the earlier a customer makes a purchase, the more likely they are to make it a repeat order, which increases your chance to earn a commission.

If you’re wondering how to segment your customer’s needs, consider how your offline competitors are doing things. Are they using bulk SMS marketing to send promotional messages to only the leads in their database who have shown an interest in the products being offered? Are they sending the same message to every contact in their database regardless of whether they’re willing to buy or not? If you don’t know how your competition is doing it, ask them for a sample of their recent campaigns. You can then use that information to segment your list based on segmentation criteria that work for you.

Another thing you can do with SMS marketing for your online store is segment based on geography. Some people only want to sell to shoppers in their own neighborhood while others want to reach customers around the world. With the convenience of online email, it’s easy to send a text message to all of your shoppers at once but there’s a better way. Build in-store QR codes for easier reference when people are browsing your online store.

Did you know that over 40% of new and returning customers abandon a store within the first day? It’s easy to blame sluggish sales on stiff competition or a lousy product, but did you consider the possibility that the customer abandons the store because they weren’t aware of a special offer? If you want to attract new customers, you have to give them good value. And one of the best ways to give customers good value is to include them in your SMS marketing campaign. When they see other texts from your bigcommerce campaign, they’ll be more likely to check out your online store.

There are a few reasons why online stores use SMS marketing. One of the most common reasons is because customers often text first rather than calling or visiting an in-store retailer. SMS text messaging allows you to capture the demographic of prospective customers before they make it to your website. Once they’re in, they have a greater chance of becoming a loyal customer. Since big commerce has integrated its cart into many SMS text messaging platforms, you can also track and monitor your cart recovery rates by tracking how often customers browse the online store. Read more about eCommerce SMS here.

Another reason why SMS marketing can be so effective is that it lets you track how many customers actually complete a purchase. If you’ve ever lost customers while trying to encourage them to make a final purchase at your online store, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get those customers to fill out a form or call your toll-free number. But with a simple text message sent by your customer to your toll-free number, you’ll be able to see how many sales that you can potentially make through Text Messaging. If your free shipping offer doesn’t seem to be worth much to your customers, it may be time for you to change your offering or include a better incentive to draw in new customers.

In addition to tracking the number of sales that you can generate through SMS text messaging, you should also pay attention to the number of sales that you actually make through SMS. After all, if you send out dozens of promotional SMS’s to potential customers, you must expect that some of those customers will actually make a purchase at your online store. The best way for you to determine whether or not your text message ads are effective is to keep track of how many of your SMS’s actually result in a purchase. Once you’ve established a good bar, you can then use the available data to refine your offers and make them more appealing to more customers. And in the meantime, you can ensure that the cost of shipping your products down to their destinations is kept to a minimum by using a low-cost SMS service.

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