The Importance Of WordPress Site Speed Optimization In Times Of COVID-19 Crisis

While the quality of the service and product seems to have the greatest impact on business sales, converting website visitors into buyer customers in the cyber world relies heavily on developing a positive customer impression. After we have enabled compression, we proceed to enable improve pagespeed browser caching. This saves time for the page to communicate with the server to load, as it is already stored as a memory. A surprising percentage of a website’s daily visitors come with an empty cache, meaning there’s a huge chance for subsequent visits to load faster.

This is a fairly expensive, but quite effective way to optimize charging time. Before you start optimizing the speed of your website, you need to determine your current load time and define what slows down your site. The recommendation for page load time in 2018 is to be less than 3 seconds.

Let’s take a look at the ways that download speed affects the performance of your site and your overall business goals. Customers appreciate fast response websites and ultra-low page load times. The mobile technology and innovation associated with the growing reliance on smartphones and tablets show no signs of slowing down.

Industry KingIn Google has started factoring page speed into its own search algorithms, as it experienced the compelling consequences of the loss of website performance that affect sales. The search engine giant once experienced a 20 percent drop in traffic due to a half-second delay in page load times. Images can be optimized with various available plugins that reduce image size with little or no impact on image quality. This way, their servers will deliver your website much faster, resulting in shorter load times, better SEO, and overall user experience. A rigorous approach to designing a speed-optimized website would include a strong intent to remove unnecessary bytes from the code. Using all available encoding space, removing extra spaces, indents, and control spaces while maintaining the readability of the code reduces the overall size of the website’s core and front-end files.

But if the images are not optimized properly, they can cause a lot of problems. By optimizing images, a site can improve the loading speed of web pages, which can lead to higher conversion rates. If you have a slow-loading website, it’s important to check your hosting service and DNS. If you have a slow hosting service, it can mean waiting times for your visitors.