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After completion of the training, you can send the application directly to the state or your employer can send an application and your required documents to the state on your behalf. To work as a security guard in the state of Louisiana you must have a license from your employer (i.e. security company). When hired by a security company, you must complete a total of 16 hours of security officer training. Once adopted, you must complete the first 8-hour classroom training within the first 30 days of your shift. Security officer training may be completed by your employer or at a state-recognized training institution.

South Dakota does not contain any regulations or licensing requirements for guards working under an authorized security company. However, if you want to start your own security company or act as an independent vulnerability, you must obtain a Security Guard Agency license, which has strict training and insurance requirements. While you do not need to be licensed when working with an authorized security service / company, you should strive to complete basic security guard training.

To obtain this certificate, you must meet the requirements of general age, criminal record and moral character, and complete an 8-hour security training program approved by the State Department of Public Security. After completing the training program, you must submit an application to the Public Security Department. To work as a security guard, you must complete a state-approved 40-hour training program and pass a written exam. Eight hours of the training muse will be performed before he gets a job, 16 hours during the first 30 days of employment and 16 hours during the first six months of employment. You must also complete an application, send fingerprints and pay the application costs.

Once you have received your card and obtained work from a recognized security company, you must undergo specific training provided by the employer. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a training program is the difference between armed and unarmed guards: these are similar professions, but they have very different requirements. Consider the type of work you want to do as a security guard when choosing your training program and discuss your licensing requirements in your state, especially for armed guards.

Almost all states require guards to complete the licensing process during the first months of employment. To be eligible for a license, applicants must first complete a mandatory training program. License applicants Centinel Security generally pass written tests on topics such as crime prevention, emergency procedures and evidence management. Practical skill tests are often required, especially to check whether a guard can safely use weapons.

We ensure that all our recognized bodyguards and guards receive the training they need by instructing ISS through our New York-approved security courses. That allows us to support our team with 100% confidence that they are the best the industry has to offer. Some companies and events need armed security to protect property, employees, customers or guests, others need a different approach involving unarmed guards. Due to licensing requirements, guarding qualifications include a formal guard and a continuing education training program. At Invictus Security Training School, we provide the best security training in the state of Florida.

But with less legal power and protection than the police, a private security officer can easily cross the excessive line without knowing it. Whether you need initial security guard training to become a security guard in New York City or a course that meets annual training or firearms requirements, International Security Services, Inc. You can provide the reliable security guard training needed to help you in your career. In most states, there is a specific amount of training that guards must perform before they have obtained the license.