What You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Dirndl And Lederhosen

I learned a lot in the process of finding and buying the dirndl for myself and with Oktoberfest fast approaching again, I wanted others to take care of everything I know. So you’re going to Oktoberfest in Munich and you need a dirndl. Now the question is, do you shop before you go there or do you buy it in Munich? This is a question I’ve seen many times on various online Oktoberfest Travel forums and the suggestions are mixed. Complete your jewelry with a dirndl bracelet that matches or at least shares style cues with your necklace.

You have no idea how many beer glasses break during Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish a man’s marital status from his leather pants. But if you tie your dirndl on the left side, you have no trouble attracting the attention of some drunk guy.

Local Bavarian men usually only buy custom-made leather pants as adults and rarely wash them, which increases the look. The most expensive lederhosen are often handmade from deer skin and sewn by a real manufacturer from Lederhosen (S├Ąckler). Deer skin is a very durable and robust material that feels softer than the cheaper cowhide used in Lederhosen.

Leather trousers are the traditional men’s clothing in Bavaria. Leather pants are usually shorts or panties; Very rarely do you see them in long style. The traditional ones are usually braided Moser Dirndl or embroidered with Bavarian motifs such as the Edelweiss and have suspenders. If you buy a new dirndl, expect to pay at least $60 for something that is of “acceptable” quality.

At Oktoberfest, your hair can be the final piece to bring your ensemble together. Hiedi’s classic look is having pigtails secured with pieces of tape to match her dirndl. We often see women braiding even small meadow flowers, mini roses or pieces of ribbon in their hair that can look great in modest quantities. Being more youthful with your hair is totally fine, as you can always balance it with a more mature clothing style. If you want to wear heels, most American-style stilettos can be difficult to match with your dirndl and have a heel that’s too thin to be practical at Oktoberfest.

No one will find it strange if you don’t wear a traditional outfit. When I went to Oktoberfest, I wasn’t wearing traditional clothes and was still having a great time. The main component of a woman’s outfit at Oktoberfest in Munich is a white blouse under a tight Bavarian dirndl dress (DEERN-dul) with an apron tied around it.

Erika and I talked a bit more about Dirndl fashion and where it’s going… But I think we should start with a little bit of history. The conversation about the dress has stayed with me. I did some research through books and online sources and then contacted my friend Erika Neumayer from Rare Dirndl. She studied fashion and has spent over 10 years producing amazing Couture Dirndls for the U.S. market. His beautiful designs have been praised in both the United States and Germany.

If this is also your case, don’t forget to wear the bra you’re going to wear with your dirndl when you take your measurements and choose sizes. Custom-made dirndls cost more than buying “off the shelf”, but it pays to have a completely unique, dare I say custom piece, that will last a lifetime of festivals. Also, when buying a dirndl online, you have the extra option to get a custom one like I did in 2018. I worked with Erika at Rare Dirndl here in the United States to create a fully customized dirndl. It’s a strange new world if you’ve never shopped online for a dirndl.