Why Simple Wooden Toys Are Best For Your Child

There is something very satisfying about using space skills to put blocks in your shopping cart and reassemble wooden toys. Well, wood is a natural and organic material and it is also very durable. It is resistant to mold and rot, so many wooden toys can last for generations without any breakdown, while plastic can break after just a few years. In general, this includes our research into the benefits of wooden toys for babies, toddlers and children of all ages. In our opinion, wooden toys are great, but we still like to make a mix for our children. MORI’s range of wooden toys for babies and young children is made of durable materials, so that your child can connect to the natural world around him in a safe and sustainable way.

The cyclic process involved in harvesting and regenerating forests for wood production ensures that wood remains available. A maximum of ten trees are repaired each time a tree is harvested; The renewable cycle starts again. Because it is a natural resource, wood is non-toxic and safe to handle and touch; It also ages naturally and does not decompose into material that is harmful to the environment.

The adhesives for this toy are certified as E0 (E-Zero), which is considered one of the safest glues that can be used on wood. When children participate in an open and creative game, we invite their minds to create, test and grow with curiosity and confidence. Let your child take the initiative and give enough time to little minds to explore it. Dolls, game kitchens, wooden blocks, trains and art supplies are wonderful sources to inspire creative play. Seeing this simplicity brought to the homes of families across the country when playing with Clip Clop Toys fills us with joy.

With heuristic games with basic forms, the lack of preconceived goals means that children have to stretch their imagination creatively, creating curiosity. Magic triangles allow children to endlessly rearrange shapes to create patterns while developing math and observation letter piggy bank skills. Classic wooden toys, such as miniature construction games, building blocks and puzzles, can also be used to teach your children how to count and understand numbers. While children manipulate wooden toys, they also develop their fine motor skills.

We’ve shared just some of the benefits that wooden toys can bring to your family. Read more to learn how to inspire meaningful play in your home.

We live in a world where your children have their entire adult lives to communicate with all portable electronic devices. So let’s give a safe and healthy start in life; one that contains natural and durable wooden toys to promote learning, inspire creativity and let your imagination run wild. The simple design of wooden toys encourages children to use their imagination while playing. There are no distractions of lights or sounds, which allow children to take control and develop their creativity. Unlike mass-produced plastic toys, wooden toys are often produced with raw materials of sustainable origin and handmade by talented craftsmen.